Huge paradox. CBD plants.

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November 12, 2018
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November 21, 2018

What’s on my mind is a HUGE paradox called:

Growing CBD plants

CBD plants that one can as we speak legally buy/sell/import+distribute at any time with no problems whatsoever as long as they are not fresh or “alive”

Hemp seeds are also totally legal in Ireland.

You can Eat them, press oil out of them, drink it or give it to your 5 year old, totally legal all the way.

You can also buy/sell CBD oil in Ireland all completely legal too.

Then there is the latest rave on the CBD scene, CBD buds.

Yes it looks like the real deal, smell much the same and it will give you some effect too, albeit only a couch effect but an effect none the less, again completely legal to import, sell, distribute and give to your 5 year old, no I don’t recommend it but there`s no law against it.

Here is the paradox.

The one thing that will get you in court for sure, get you branded as a dangerous criminal is if you put that legal seed, that will produce a totally legal substance, in your own soil and grow it yourself, now THAT`s so totally flipping ILLEGAL.

You will have your home invaded, every inch of your property turned over and upended, not a single speck of dust will be left unturned in your home.

You will be publicly denounced in the local newspapers, tared and feathered.

You will be publicly disgraced as a dangerous drug dealer, despite the fact that the only thing they find is a totally legal substance called CBD growing on nothing more than a completely legal plant, one`s it harvested that is.

Yes the only time you will get in trouble, owing, selling, using CBD is if its found on a LIVE plant in your possession, when its dried your out of danger completely.

However its perfectly fine to grow it in Switzerland and import it to Ireland but heaven forbid it grows in this lovely country.

Am I the only one that cant see sense in this?

CBD is here to stay so why not make a simple license to grow 2/6 plants at home available to every Tom Dick and Paddy that wants to grow it themselves and make some needed revenue for the struggling Government of this lovely peaceful country.

It could be done so easy online.

Set up a CBD growing License website.

The license comes with a provision that you will provide a Lap report when you have harvested your plants and you agree that at any time during your grow period you will allow the Garda`s to see and inspect your grow room and take a sample if they feel like it.</h4>

CBD Oil Ireland.

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