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  Cannabis flowers Buds

Cannabis buds Ireland.

If you are looking for Cannabis  buds your at the right place.  

Buy Cannabis buds

What are legal Cannabis buds? 

Its a new strain of Cannabis that’s crossbred  to produce only the legal amount of thc

and still look-taste-smell- like real weed.

Buy cbd oil Cannabis buds online
Buy Cannabis CBD buds online

Adel Haze.

Indoor, 0.14% THC, 2.6% CBD


Buy Cannabis CBD buds online

NL. Northern Light 

NL, Glashouse, THC 0.16%, CBD 3.4%

Buy Cannabis CBD buds online

Bio Bud.

Bio Bud, Outdoor, THC 0.12%, CBD 4.2%

Buy Cannabis CBD buds online


Harlequin, Indoor, THC: 0.12% CBD: 2.7%


Buy Cannabis CBD buds

If you suffer from

Anxiety. RLS. PMS. Menstrual cramps. Menopause symptoms try


CBD products are not medicines and can not diagnose, treat or cure diseases. Always consult your own doctor before starting a new dietary supplement

All my products contain less than the 0.2% THC or less to meet legal restrictions in Ireland and the EU.

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You must send the unused goods back within 14 days and you will receive a full refund no questions asked.