A little on CBD % in buds.

Buy legal CBD buds flowers

These Swiss grow flowers has a truthful and realistic level of CBD and they are really nice and potent.

A natural ratio between THC and CBD % in legal buds is: 20/1

These buds are the real deal, they look right they smell right they hit you within seconds, the only difference is that the thc levels are not enough to get you high, or in trouble.

The CBD content may not seem high but these buds are not dusted with isolates to give them an impossible unnatural high CBD %, that does not mean that you dont feel an effect from buds with 2 to 4 % CBD, rest assured that all of my buds will make you feel them and you wont be disappointed.

Photos from the grow room and fields.

Buy legal CBD buds flowers Ireland  Buy legal CBD buds flowers Ireland

Try this.

Add the buds and apply heat UNDER the pipe not in it.

That way you dont over-heat and burn your nice weed.

Takes far less and tastes a lot better too.

About CBD Buds or legal weeds.

CBD buds is taking the world by storm and are quickly becoming  popular in Ireland and Europe

 They are used by all types of people to relieve anxiety, depression, insomnia, fighting cancer and reducing inflammation.

I smoke them to relax and because it feels nice.

CBD Hemp Buds look smell and taste like regular weed but instead of making you high, CBD buds produce a relaxing body high with a mind calming effect.

CBD Buds are perfect for smoking and relaxing with friends or listening to music.

Try it if you come home from a stressful, read sh…y day, it will take the edge off.

Give it to your stressed boss as a present and your life will be easier.

It can be rolled in a joint but better still smoked in one of these.

See photo on left.

The Experience!!

Its not like street weed that will get you stoned but that does not mean that these legal buds have no effect because they  most certainly do.

Its just more of the relaxing and calming kind.

Test it yourself today.

THC Less Than 0.2%
CBD 2.8 to 4.3% realistic
For Body And Mind (100%)